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Our clients say...

I participated in a 6-month Peak Lifestyle Program and was able to lose almost 23 pounds during the process.

While I found some of the changes challenging in the beginning, I have now found that the new ways of thinking about food I learned from the program keep me on track. During the holidays or time away from home things don’t always go as planned and the coaches with the program helped me to realize that it’s okay to have “off” days - but not weeks or months.

From the weekly check-ins and progress updates, it was easy for everyone to monitor my progress and see how things were going. I appreciated the detailed questions that were asked as it made me think differently about the fact that this was not just about weight loss but about overall health and wellbeing.

I would recommend this program for anyone who is serious about making positive life-style changes to support their health!

Jillian S.

We believe caring for yourself should be preventative, not reactive.

This philosophy is behind everything we do at Progressive Ethos. So much of healthcare is based on treating you after something bad is discovered.

Wouldn’t it be better to try and prevent problems beforehand?

We think so.

The time is now for you to achieve your goals related to health and wellness. 

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